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DAZ 3D - Wrinkle 3D

Wrinkle 3D is a morph creation tool that uses a customizable cloth simulation to create wrinkles and folds in clothes models. Using Wrinkle 3D will make your models standout by adding detail and realism.


  • Fast, flexible, multi-threaded cloth simulation and collision detection
  • Easy to setup control groups to customize the behavior of the simulation
  • Stop the simulation before completion to save time
  • Two force types (Gravity, Wind)
  • Multiple forces in a simulation
  • Limit forces by falloff
  • Export/import cloth settings for future use
  • Custom Layouts
  • Post simulation editing
  • Smooth Selected
  • Expand Selected
  • Shrink Selected
  • Exports morphs as obj files for import in DAZ Studio or Poser
  • Hide vertices while moving option
  • Type in Transforms (Scale/Move/Rotate)
  • Lock selection option
  • Rotation and scale increments in preferences
  • Synchronize Views
    • Same
    • Symmetrical
    • Special
  • Camera Memory (for each view)

  • Up to four independent views

  • User editable keyboard shortcuts and mouse controls

  • Video tutorials to help you get started quickly

  • Customizable user interface

  • Rectangle Selection

  • Paint Selection

  • Polygon Selection

  • Soft Selection

  • Auto Backup

  • Backup on save

  • Auto Software updates

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