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DAZ 3D - Simple Living - Living Room

Simple Living - Living Room is a ready to render product loaded with great features! The individual parts list is so long, I don't want to bore you. What you can rely on, is everything you see in the promos is included with the set, and the promos were rendered with Iray using the included lighting.
This set is loaded with individual props, which allow you to decorate your own room or for use kit bashing with other products. Don't forget to use your own photography or renders in the easy to use picture frames. Just choose an appropriate portrait or landscape image and plug it in... no special work needed.

Renders of Simple Living - Living Room, when shown to significant others can lead to 'discussions' of sudden wants and needs for your real living room!



Compatible Software
DAZ Studio 4.8

  • Simple Living - Living Room Props: (.DUF)
    • SLLR Bookcase Decorations
    • SLLR Bookcases
    • SLLR CatsEye Light
    • SLLR Ceiling Fixture
    • SLLR Ceiling
    • SLLR Curtain Rods
    • SLLR Curtains All
    • SLLR Curtains W1
    • SLLR Curtains W2
    • SLLR Curtains W3
    • SLLR Curtains W4
    • SLLR Curtains W5
    • SLLR Electrical Switches and Outlets
    • SLLR FirePlace Full
    • SLLR Floor
    • SLLR Foyer Extended
    • SLLR Light Fixtures Full Set
    • SLLR Light Switch Double
    • SLLR Light Switch Single
    • SLLR Light Switch Triple
    • SLLR Main Room
    • SLLR Mantle
    • SLLR Receptacle Single
    • SLLR Rug
    • SLLR Sconces Wall
    • SLLR Windows
    • SLLR Chair
    • SLLR Coffee Table
    • SLLR Couch
    • SLLR Drop Leaf Table
    • SLLR End Table
    • SLLR Ladderback Chair
    • SLLR Loveseat
    • SLLR Ottoman
    • SLLR Pillow
    • SLLR Pillows Couch
    • SLLR Pillows Loveseat
    • SLLR Round Table
    • SLLR Book Apple Hacker
    • SLLR Book Bug Trackers
    • SLLR Book Group Green
    • SLLR Book Group Lincoln
    • SLLR Book Group Red
    • SLLR Book Group Shakespeare
    • SLLR Book Hamlet
    • SLLR Book Henry VIII
    • SLLR Book Learn xBrush
    • SLLR Book Lincoln Vol I
    • SLLR Book Lincoln Vol II
    • SLLR Book Lincoln Vol III
    • SLLR Book Lincoln Vol IV
    • SLLR Book Lincoln Vol V
    • SLLR Book MacBeth
    • SLLR Book Midsummer
    • SLLR Book Monsters From
    • SLLR Book Much Ado
    • SLLR Book No Title
    • SLLR Book Romeo
    • SLLR Book Select Internet Links
    • SLLR Book Studio Manual
    • SLLR Book Taming
    • SLLR Book The Complete Guide to Iray
    • SLLR Book The Doctors Who
    • SLLR Book Troilus
    • SLLR Book Winters Tale
    • SLLR Book World Wings
    • SLLR Box Wooden
    • SLLR Candy Dish
    • SLLR Clock Mantle
    • SLLR FirePlace
    • SLLR Flute Bowl
    • SLLR Mirror
    • SLLR Picture 01 Light
    • SLLR Picture 01
    • SLLR Picture 02 Light
    • SLLR Picture 02
    • SLLR Picture Small
    • SLLR Shaker Lamp
    • SLLR Shell BookEnd
    • SLLR Tray Hexagon
    • SLLR Vase 01 Mantle
    • SLLR Vase 02 Mantle
    • SLLR Vase Large
    • SLLR Vase Med Ht
    • SLLR Vase Short
    • SLLR Vase Tall
    • SLLR Wave Tray
  • Render Settings: (.DUF)
    • SLLR Outdoor Light - Daylight
    • SLLR Outdoor Light - Evening
    • SLLR Outdoor Light - Night

  • Scenes: (.DUF)
    • Simple Living - Living Room Blue Walls
    • Simple Living - Living Room Brown Walls
    • Simple Living - Living Room Green Walls
    • Simple Living - Living Room Layout 01
    • Simple Living - Living Room Layout 02
    • Simple Living - Living Room Layout 03
    • Simple Living - Living Room Layout 04
    • Simple Living - Living Room Purple Walls

  • Iray Material Options:
    • SLLR Upholstery Blue Grey
    • SLLR Upholstery Dark Brown
    • SLLR Upholstery Dark Grey
    • SLLR Upholstery Green
    • SLLR Upholstery Ivory
    • SLLR Upholstery Light Grey
    • SLLR Upholstery Pillow Blue Grey
    • SLLR Upholstery Pillow Dark Brown
    • SLLR Upholstery Pillow Dark Grey
    • SLLR Upholstery Pillow Green
    • SLLR Upholstery Pillow Ivory
    • SLLR Upholstery Pillow Light Grey
    • SLLR Upholstery Pillow Sage
    • SLLR Upholstery Pillow Tan
    • SLLR Upholstery Pillow White
    • SLLR Upholstery Pillow Wine
    • SLLR Upholstery Sage
    • SLLR Upholstery Tan
    • SLLR Upholstery White
    • SLLR Upholstery Wine
    • SLLR CatsEye Light Off
    • SLLR CatsEye Light On
    • SLLR Ceiling Fixture Light Off
    • SLLR Ceiling Fixture Light On
    • SLLR Rug Brown
    • SLLR Rug Grey
    • SLLR Rug Muted Green
    • SLLR Rug Pure Grey
    • SLLR Rug Tan
    • SLLR Sconce Light Off
    • SLLR Sconce Light On
    • SLLR Walls Cocoa Brown
    • SLLR Walls Muted Green
    • SLLR Walls Plum
    • SLLR Walls Sand
    • SLLR Walls Steel Blue
    • SLLR Bookcover Brown
    • SLLR Bookcover Green
    • SLLR Bookcover Red
    • SLLR Fireplace Flames Off
    • SLLR Fireplace Flames On
    • SLLR Picture Light Off
    • SLLR Picture Light On
    • SLLR Shaker Lamp Light Off
    • SLLR Shaker Lamp Light On
  • Textures Include:
    • 72 Texture, Bump and Normal Maps (100 x 300 to 2048 x 2048)
    • Texture Templates available through the Product Library
  • DAZ Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

DAZ 3D - Old Manor

Old Manor is a huge, highly detailed and carefully textured complete set for Poser/Daz Studio and Carrara inspired by medieval buildings in Italian's regions Toscana and Umbria.
This set is composed by the main entrance with a gate, 9 different buildings and a main stair going form the long main floor to the ground. Details are everywhere: lots of different types of windows, gutters, timbers, lamps, roof tiles, a wood barrel, balconies, steps, everything textured with the greatest detail possible. This package also features 2 different sets of textures, an hi-res and a low-res one with corresponding presets for Poser/Daz Studio and Carrara. Due to the high number and size of the texture maps, the hi-res set is best suited for powerful machines.



Compatible 3D Software
Poser, DAZ Studio

  • Old Manor (.PP2 and .OBJ and .CAR)
    • LowRes and HiRes Textures Versions
  • 21 Poser Camera Presets (.CM2)

  • Textures:
    • 1 Set of High Resolution Textures:
      • 36 Color and Bump/Displacement Maps (4096 x 4096)
      • 32 Color and Bump/Displacement Maps (2048 x 2048)
      • 18 Color and Bump/Displacement Maps (1024 x 1024)
      • 5 Color, Bump/Displacement, Transparency Maps (512 x 512)
    • 1 Set of Low Resolution Textures:
      • 36 Color and Bump/Displacement Maps (2048 x 2048)
      • 32 Color and Bump/Displacement Maps (1024 x 1024)
      • 18 Color and Bump/Displacement Maps (512 x 512)
      • 5 Color, Bump/Displacement, Transparency Maps (256 x 256)
  • Poser MAT Poses (.PZ2)
  • DAZ Studio Material Presets (.DSA)

DAZ 3D - Habsburgic Castle

Inspired by Miramare Castle in Trieste (Italy), this is a dreamy, romantic and even dramatic castle, with lots of towers, balconies and windows.
I present this castle in both Poser/DAZ Studio and Carrara format, with two ready to use setups, one using high resolution textures (4096x4096 pixels) and the other using low resolution textures (2048x2048 pixels).



Compatible 3D Software
Poser, DAZ Studio

  • Habsburgic Castle (.PP2 and .OBJ and .CAR)
  • LowRes and HiRes Textures Versions
  • 2 Poser Camera Presets (.CM2)
  • 1 Poser Light Preset (.LT2)
  • Textures:
  • 1 set of High Resolution Textures:
    • 42 Color and Bump Maps (4096 x 4096)
    • 12 Color and Bump Maps (2048 x 2048)
    • 8 Color and Bump Maps (1024 x 1024)
  • 1 set of Low Resolution Textures:
    • 42 Color and Bump Maps (2048 x 2048)
    • 20 Color and Bump Maps (1024 x 1024)
  • DAZ Studio Material presets (.DSA)

DAZ 3D - Science Classroom

This is a set of props to build a high-school or college science classroom. Included are cabinets and work areas at which to conduct experiments, classroom tables and chairs for normal classroom instruction, a teacher's desk, and room sections that can be used to build the classroom itself. The set includes a microscope, test tube and holder, books, and a flask.
Designed for Poser 2014 and DAZ Studio 4.7and above.



Compatible 3D Software
DSON Importer for Poser, DAZ Studio 4.7

  • Science Classroom (.DUF, .CR2 and .PP2)
    • Room Sections:
      • Building Section Base (wall, ceiling, floor)
      • Building Section Door (wall, ceiling, floor)
        • Door Section with opening door
      • Building Section Window (wall, ceiling, floor)
        • Window with opening panes
        • Blinds with open/raise morphs
      • Building Section No Wall (ceiling, floor)

      • Building Section Wall Only

      • Light Fixture

      • Wall length chalk board

    • Furniture/Cabinets:
      • Table
      • Chair
      • Stool
      • Base Cabinet
        • Morphs for corners (left/right)
        • Morphs to shorten ends (left/right)
        • Doors and drawers that open
      • Island with built in sink
        • Morph to shorten length
        • Doors open
        • Faucet prop
      • Wall Cabinet with opening doors

      • Teacher's Desk with drawers that open

    • Additional Props:
      • Microscope
      • Book Set (of 8)
      • Erlenmeyer Flask
      • Test Tube Stand
      • Test Tube
    • Poses/Scripts:
      • Pose Preset to place faucet on island next to sink
      • Script Presets to move props quickly into position based on modeled dimensions (DAZ Studio only)
  • Textures Include:
    • 74 Texture, Bump and Displacement Maps (up to 4096 x 4096)
  • DAZ Studio Material Presets (.DUF)

DAZ 3D - Chapter House

The Chapter House is a stand-alone 3D interior, featuring detailed high-poly Gothic touches including a vaulted ceiling and ornate Gothic windows. The wall sections can be swapped out to increase flexibility and due to the high-poly nature of this set, the set can be reduced to load only specific elements if desired.


Compatible 3D Software
Poser, DAZ Studio, DAZ Studio 4.7

  • Chapter House(DUF, CR2, PP2, OBJ):
    • CHH_Arch_Door
    • CHH_Archway
    • CHH_Bench
    • CHH_Bk_Col (Back Column)
    • CHH_Bk_Win_S1 (Back Window Side 1)
    • CHH_Bk_Win_S2 (Back Window Side 2)
    • CHH_Ceiling
    • CHH_Ceiling_Det (Ceiling Detail)
    • CHH_Cen_Col (Central Column)
    • CHH_Clabra (Candalabra)
    • CHH_Clabra_Ambient (Candalabra with Ambient)
    • CHH_Floor
    • CHH_Floor_Sec
    • CHH_Light_Leak
    • 2 Preload presets (Poser and DAZ Studio)
    • 5 DAZ Studio 4.6 Light sets
  • Textures:
    • 65 High Resolution Bump, Transparency and Ambient Maps (up to 4092x4092)
  • Poser6+ Material Presets (MC6)
  • Poser Material Settings (PZ2)
  • DAZ Studio Material Presets (DUF)

Collective3d Blue Collar Bungalow Bundle

Build your working class neighborhood on a budget! The Collective 3d Blue Collar Bungalow Bundle combines all the features of the Blue Collar Bungalow and Low Poly Bungalows for an instant block's worth of houses.

Included in the bundle:

Collective3d Blue Collar Bungalow, featuring a full interior with removable walls, floors, ceilings, and roofs. Fully operable doors and windows (including frosted glass shower door).
Collective3d Low Poly Bungalows, a set of five low-poly, exterior-only variations of the Blue Collar Bungalow, featuring unique brick textures, rooflines, doors and windows, address plaques and porch lights.

Together the bundle includes six unique houses based on a single design, with enough variation and customization to fill an entire neighborhood and never see the same house twice. Numerous material zones make changing trim and door colors a breeze, and advanced Photoshop users can also easily change brick textures for even greater possibilities!


Compatible 3D Software
DAZ Studio 4.6


Modern Bungalow

This spacious 2-3 bedroom residential bungalow with attached garage is perfect for the growing family or young couple looking to make the move to the suburbs. With a large kitchen, full three piece bathroom, and large property lot, there is plenty of room to watch the family grow and blossom. The third bedroom is well suited to transform into a home office or den.
Modern Bungalow is a full 3D Environment for both Poser and DAZ Studio. Each bungalow is fully parented, allowing the entire house to be moved or resized as necessary. There are a total of 5 preset bungalows that load individually; center, left, right, and two distant background bungalows that have only partial interiors. The property lots are designed so that the houses can be moved closer together or further apart depending on the density you want to achieve.
Windows and doors open and close, including the sliding patio door. The single car garage door is of the upswing variety. The adjoining laundry room / mud room offers an additional entrance through the garage interior. The front entrance boasts an oak styled wood door with a glass block accent sidelite. The front living room Bay window gives occupants a clear view up and down the street.
The interior amenities boast solid oak hardwood floors and broadloom carpet in the bedrooms. A neutral grey ceramic tile accents the white cabinets in the both the spacious kitchen and bathroom. The kitchen's sliding door opens out onto the large back patio.
The set also includes promo light sets and 20+ camera angles to get you started off quickly. Mat files to change the exterior finish of the houses and the walkways are also included.


Compatible 3D Software
Poser, DAZ Studio

  • Modern Bungalow (.DAZ, .PP2 and .OBJ)
    • Additional Right and Left Bungalows
    • Additional Distant background bungalows
    • Operating Single Hung Windows
    • Open and close Interior doors for bedrooms, den, bath and laundry rooms
    • Three (3) piece bathroom fixtures,
    • Tub with shower surround and faucet, Sculpted Toilet, Vanity Sink with faucets
    • Kitchen Cabinets with opening drawers and swing doors.
    • Full countertop designed to work with standard size appliances
    • High privacy fencing around perimeter of property lot
    • Concrete city sidewalk and partial asphalt road included
    • Front driveway with single car garage and "swing up" garage door
    • Front and side of house walkways,  and rear patios
  • Bastion SkyDome (.DAZ, .PP2 and .OBJ)
    • Mat files to changed exterior finish on Bungalows
    • Red Brick, Biege Stucco, mild Stucco
    • Promo Lightsets included
    • Dozens of camera angles included.
  • Textures Include:
    • 82 Texture, Bump, Displacement and Reflection Maps (256 x 256 to 4096 x 2660)
  • DAZ Studio Material Presets (.DSA)
  • Poser Material Presets (.MC6)

NFXstudios Farmhouse

The NFXstudios Farmhouse is an all-in-one exterior and interior set that works equally well for location shooting as it does for studio-style interior sets.
Modeled from direct measurements and photos of a real, 90 year old Midwestern farmhouse, the NFXstudios Farmhouse is designed so that every element is removable. When working on interior shots, your camera and lights will never be restricted by an obtrusive wall, ceiling, or door.
With more than 80 individually removable pieces arranged into logical groups, the Farmhouse also features animated doors and windows on sliders, and morphing window blinds that open and close.
Do you have trouble navigating your viewport and cameras through large scenes? The Farmhouse also includes null focus targets five feet off the floor in the center of every room, to quickly snap your camera (and other placed objects) instantly to where they need to be!
Fully detailed inside and out from photographic textures, the Farmhouse is appropriate for a working farm, or as a historical building in a suburban setting, among many other endless possibilities!


Compatible 2D Software
DAZ Studio 4.6

  • NFXstudios Farmhouse Set (.DUF)
    • Over 80 removable walls, roofs, windows, and floors
    • Full basement and two stories
    • 27 Individually animated doors and windows
    • 14 morphing window blinds
    • Static kitchen counters and cabinets
    • Static bathroom vanity and plumbing fixtures
    • Wall and floor textures at 4000x4000 for high detail level
    • All rooms individually unwrapped for ease of color change
  • Textures Include:
    • 101 Texture, Bump, Displacement, Normal and Transparency Maps (up to 4000 x 4000)

House of Mog Ruith

'Mog Ruith' was the one-eyed Celtic God of the Sun. He rode through the sky in a shining bronze chariot, and was believed to bless those that adorned his name. The House of Mog Ruith is an exterior building set. Featured in this product is a detailed exterior consisting of an upper balcony area, a lower entrance area (with opening doors) and an open entrance to the rear. The set has been created to allow sections of beams/pillars/walls/windows to be removed - to allow both versatility with the look of the House and ease of camera placement.


Compatible 2D Software
Poser, DAZ Studio

  • 8 props (pp2 and obj)
    • Arch
    • Back_Wall
    • Balcony
    • Entrance
    • Ground
    • Roof
    • Walls
    • Windows
  • Additional features
    • Preload scene preset
    • 5 Camera presets
    • 1 Light preset
  • 14 High resolution textures (up to 4000x4000)
    • 2 transparency maps
    • 12 transparency maps

Haunted Mansion

By day, an exquisite mansion entrance, featuring a grand staircase and candalabras. By night, a creepy setting that holds some dark secrets from the past. This large set features all you need to create an authentic mansion backdrop. For the Halloween feel, just add the expansion pack.


Compatible 2D Software
Poser, DAZ Studio

  • 8 adjustable* props (.pp2 and .obj)
    • Arch*
    • Arch_Lights
    • Ceiling
    • Door*
    • Ground
    • Sidewall (Left and Right)
    • Stairs (Left and Right)
    • Window (Left and Right)
  • Additional Features
    • Cobweb props
    • Preload scene preset
    • 7 Camera presets
    • 2 Light presets
  • 26 High Resolution Textures
    • 25 Colour
    • 1 Transparency

The Study

The Study is a intricate set that features numerous props to create an authentic atmosphere. The Study features detailed props that use high quality texture maps and the inclusion of both high and low resolution props make this ideal for any situation.


Compatible 2D Software
Poser, DAZ Studio

  • 14 props (.pp2 and .obj)
    • Bookcase
    • Ceiling
    • Chair High Res
    • Chair Low Res
    • Columns High Res
    • Columns Low Res
    • End Wall
    • Firegrate
    • Fire Surround
    • Ground
    • Inner Wall
    • Iron Plate
    • Table
    • Window
  • 18 High Resoloution Textures and Templates
  • Additional presets
    • 3 Camera
    • 1 Light
    • Props zero X, Y and Z
    • Preloaded scene

Vampire Chapel

This product includes two figures/props and a lightset for both DAZ Studio and Poser. The main figure/prop is the Vampire Chapel which has several parts (independent bones), such as the gargoyle, the door, the gate (a metal grid which is hidden by default), the columns etc... Any of these parts can be hidden or not, translated, rotated or scaled according to your specific needs. The other figure/prop is a sky plane which gives you the "outdoor" scene that can be seen through the windows. You need a different sky/outdoor? Simply swap the image linked to the sky plane material with your own image. The lightset provided is the basic one that I used on the promo images with a few tweaks.
For DAZ Studio users, I also provided a "ready to render" scene subset that allows you to load everything, including lights and a camera in a single click.


Compatible 3D Software
Poser, DAZ Studio

  • Vampire Chapel (.DUF, .CR2 and .OBJ)
    • Vampire Chapel 'Ready to Render' Scene (DAZ Studio)
    • Vampire Chapel Figure
    • Sky Plane Figure
  • DAZ Studio Lights Preset (.DUF)
  • Poser Lights Preset (.LT2)
  • Textures Include:
  • 65 Texture Color, Bump, and Specular Maps (256 x 256 to 4000 x 4000)

Dark Knight Horse Bundle

Dark Knight Horse Bundle is a 3D pack of racing champion, fantasy horse, textures, and poses. ID: 56963 Artists: Linday Created By: Re...