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DAZ 3D - Reality for DAZ Studio

Reality is the premiere plug-in for DAZ Studio that brings you the power of hyper-realism. With Reality you can render your scene using LuxRender, the open-source physics-based renderer.


Watch the top 11 new features of Reality 2:

Compatible 3D Software
DAZ Studio 4.6

  • DAZ Studio 4 compatible. Runs on all versions of DAZ Studio 4.6 both for Mac OS and Windows.
  • New 64-bit version for Mac OS in addition to existing Windows 64-bit support. Manages huge scenes with access to all your RAM.
  • GPU Support. Render faster with OpenCL-compatible GPUs.
  • Animation Support. Create your own stunning movies.
  • SLG support. Blazing-fast rendering with 100% GPU renderer SLG. Video demo Introduction to Reality 2.
  • Normal maps support. Lightweight, fast and stunningly detailed.
  • Binary file support. Faster, less memory intensive Lux format.

Work Faster than before!

  • Multi-Edit. Edit material parameters on multiple materials at the same time.
  • Render overwrite check Avoid overwriting your render by mistake.
  • More light control. Vastly expanded light editor.
  • Light Textures. Add a texture to a light to create special effects.
  • IES lights. Emulates actual lights.
  • Light presets. Many presets available from the library of Lux spectrum lights.
  • Texture collection. Collect and resize textures for efficiency.
  • Improved Studio compatibility. DAZ Studio materials are now converted with more accuracy and options.

Get results faster!

  • Faster material converter! Calling Reality is now even faster.
  • Automatic material preview. Previews are generated in the background while you work on materials.
  • Material Snapshot. Now you can do a "before and after" material comparison.
  • Persistent previews. Material previews are kept in memory; no need to re-render them again and again.
  • Flagged Materials. Reality shows you which material you edited.
  • More details. Selecting a material in Reality shows you the DAZ Studio version.

More control

  • Face preview. New Face shape for the material preview.
  • More metals. Three times the number of metal presets.
  • Textured metals. Enough said.
  • Support for Lux's new metal. The new Metal material is better and easier to customize.
  • Photon Map support. LuxRender's Photon Map for faster rendering without GPU.
  • SPPM Support. Even more options with LuxRender's Smart Photon Map.
  • Rendering parameters. New advanced editor for Lux's rendering parameters.

Easier to Use

  • Updated UI. Streamlined, cleaner, even friendlier than before.
  • Flat-shading support. Sometimes you actually want to render a faceted object.
  • Save inside Reality. "Save Scene" button allows you to save your Studio scene without exiting Reality.
  • Automatic updates. When a new version of Reality is available you will be notified automatically.
  • Support for SubD. Use Studio 4 SubD for finer detail and smoothing.
  • New Light prop. The Curved Light creates amazing images with one light only.

These are just the top features of Reality 2. The full list and more details are available in the Reality User's Guide.

System requirements:

  • DAZ Studio 4 (minimum version
  • Mac OS or Windows, in either 32 or 64-bit mode.
  • 2GB RAM minimum, 4GB or more suggested
  • Quad core CPU
  • Vertical screen resolution of at least 800 lines.
  • LuxRender 1.0. LuxRender is free and the links are provided in both the documentation and the product's page.

DAZ 3D - Reality for Poser

To create images of stunning realism we need to use a renderer that simulates light and material based on the laws of physics. Most renderers included with 3D programs don’t do that.
LuxRender renders a scene based on the simulation of physics and the results are stunning. Best of all, LuxRender is Open Source Software and so it can be used at no additional cost.
Reality is the software that connects your Poser scene to LuxRender.
Reality converts your Poser materials, lights and cameras so that you can render your Poser scene with LuxRender. Best of all, creating realistic images with Reality is simpler than using traditional renderers.


You can see how easy is to start using Reality in this video:

Compatible 3D Software

Here is what you obtain when you use Reality for Poser:
  • Automatic conversion of Poser materials, including procedural nodes.
  • Access to physics-based materials like Glass, Metal, Velvet, Water and more.
  • Skin material with Zero-Click SSS (Sub-Surface Scattering).
  • Photo-realistic Water.
  • Metal presets for Gold, Silver, Copper, Chrome and more.
  • Automatic Material preview.
  • Volumetric effects (fog, light beams, etc).
  • Support for SmartIBL by HDRLabs.
  • Light Emission Materials.
  • Support for Poser subdivision.
  • Animation support.
  • Fully featured, node-less material editor. Edit the converted materials or create your own settings.
  • Edit procedural textures with live preview.
  • Support of all Poser lights, including IBL.
  • Projector lights.
  • IES light support.
  • Fully detailed, 146 pages long, User's Guide with examples and video tutorials included.
  • Runs Mac OS or Windows with support for both 32 and 64 bits.
Minimum system requirements:
  • Quad-core Intel processor with at least 4GB RAM
  • Vertical screen resolution of 700 pixels.
  • For Macintosh: Mac OS 10.7 or above
  • For Windows: Windows Vista or above

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