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Jax for Eva 8

The Jax is a 3D character for Eva 8. She has presets of head, body, eyelashes, fiber mesh eyebrows, navel and nipples. She also has materials for all maps, eight eyes, eyebrows, eyelashes, twelve lips, twelve makeups and tattoo.

ID: 56917
Artists: Daz Originals
Created By: Hinkypunk
Release Date: 2018-12-04

You can find new icons for loading this item in the following DAZ Studio Folders:

- People:Genesis 8 Female:Characters
- People:Genesis 8 Female:Characters:Jax
- People:Genesis 8 Female:Characters:Jax:Materials

You can find new icons for this item in the following DAZ Studio Categories:

- Anatomy:External
- Figures:People:Female:Real World
- Materials:Feminine:Jax for Eva 8:Settings
- Materials:Feminine:Jax for Eva 8:Skin
- Materials:Feminine:Jax for Eva 8:Tattoos
- Materials:Iray:Eyes:Eye Colors
- Materials:Iray:Feminine:Jax for Eva 8:Eyebrows
- Materials:Iray:Feminine:Jax for Eva 8:Eyelashes
- Materials:Iray:Feminine:Jax for Eva 8:Eyes:Eye Colors
- Materials:Iray:Feminine:Jax for Eva 8:Lips
- Materials:Iray:Feminine:Jax for Eva 8:Makeup
- Materials:Iray:Feminine:Jax for Eva 8:Skin
- Materials:Iray:Feminine:Jax for Eva 8:Tattoos
- Materials:Iray:Skin
- Shaping:Apply:Body
- Shaping:Apply:Head
- Shaping:Apply:Partial Body
- Shaping:Apply:Partial Head
- Shaping:Remove:Body
- Shaping:Remove:Head
- Shaping:Remove:Partial Body
- Shaping:Remove:Partial Head


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