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DAZ 3D - EJ Fantasy Ears for Genesis 3 Female(s)

EJ Fantasy Ears For Genesis 3 Female(s) is a collection of 20 ear morphs to get Genesis 3 Female(s) directly in the realms of elves and magical creatures. A must have for any fantasy render!
You get 20 carefully sculpted in Zbrush ears, for elves, fairies, pixies, orcs, fauns, and all kinds of fae folk. To apply them, you can use the included clickable icons in your library, that apply each morph to 100% and reset the others, or use the dials and mix and match the different ears to get other shapes, making the possible combinations enormous.
EJ Fantasy Ears can be used with any hair, because they only modify the geometry of the ears, respecting the rest of the head, and they don't deform the hair or any other headwear.
These morphs work on Genesis 3 Female(s), and all figures based on her.



Compatible Figures
Genesis 3 Female

Compatible 3D Software
DAZ Studio 4.8

  • 20 Fantasy Ears Morphs
    • 20 Icons for applying each ears morph with a simple click
    • 20 Dials of morphs for custom adjust/mixing in Head/Ears/Fantasy SciFi/EJ Fantasy Ears
    • 1 Icon to reset to zero all EJ Fantasy Morphs
    • 1 Icon to reset to zero Genesis 3 Ear Morphs

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