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Mephistopolis Noir Shaders

The Mephistopolis Noir shaders are the most dynamic, easy-to-use cel- and comic-style shaders which emulate classic comic art with ease and help you to break out your own style. No more settling for the same rendered-model look: not-quite-wax and not-quite-photo. Mephistopolis Noir takes your style down a new highway entirely. Built from the ground up for DAZ Studio 4 and DAZ Studio 3, these shaders explode with vibrant color across your screen like the pages of a classic comic book.
Most all of the features of the basic, universal shader have been integrated into the Mephistopolis core, so applying the shaders to any existing surface is just one click away*. With real, raytraced reflection and refraction channels, and independently adjustable parameters for each, your details will glow like never before. In Mephistopolis, you get accurate opacity without interference, crisp toon outlines (or none at all, if you desire), fast render times for most materials, texture tiling and rotation built in, and a wide range of user-tunable parameters to make your comics and cartoons just your way.

* This feature is limited by platform to DAZ Studio 4.5 and above.


Compatible 2D Software
DAZ Studio 4.6, DAZ Studio

  • Get the full lineup of Mephistopolis Noir shader presets for either DAZ Studio 3 or DAZ Studio 4.5 - or both!
    • Mephistopolis 20th Century Basic Shaders (.DUF and .DSE)
      • 1 Base Shader Preset
      • 38 Noir Presets
    • Mephistopolis News-Herald Shaders (.DUF and .DSE)
      • 1 Base Shader Preset
      • 25 Black-Line Presets
      • 20 Newspaper And Pop-Art Presets
    • Mephistopolis 20th Century GeoShell Shaders (.DUF and .DSE)
      • 1 GeoShell Base Preset
      • 38 GeoShell Presets
    • As Well As These, The Package Includes (.DUF and .DSE)
      • 18 Dot-And-Smoothness Adjustment Presets (20th Century)
      • 48 Special Materials (20th Century)
        • Metals
        • Drinks
        • Jewels
        • Skin tones
        • Tartans
      • 10 Swatches Of Scottish Highland Tartan Plaids, In JPG Format, None Larger Than 350 x 350 Each.
  • 24 Texture Maps (512 x 640 to 35 x 35)

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