Measure Metrics for DAZ Studio

Measure Metrics is a plug-in for DAZ Studio that can measure the length, diameter or angle of figures and props in a scene. The measurement unit of this plug-in can use both international units and US conventional units. It includes wearable and poses presets for Genesis, Genesis 2 females, Genesis 2 males, Genesis 3 females, Genesis 3 males, Genesis 8 females and Genesis 8 males.

ID: 16684
Artists: Daz Originals
Created By:
Release Date: 2014-03-08

You can find new icons for loading this item in the following DAZ Studio Folders:

- Scripts:Utilities
- People:Genesis 2 Female:Measure Metrics
- People:Genesis 2 Male:Measure Metrics
- People:Genesis 3 Female:Measure Metrics
- People:Genesis 3 Male:Measure Metrics
- People:Genesis 8 Female:Measure Metrics
- People:Genesis 8 Male:Measure Metrics
- People:Genesis:Measure Metrics

You can find new icons for this item in the following DAZ Studio Categories:

- Poses:By Function:Standing
- Poses:By Region:Full Body
- Utilities:Measure Metrics


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