DAZ 3D - Genesis 2 Legacies for Genesis 3 Female: Classics

Genesis 2 Legacies for Genesis 3 Female: Classics brings four familiar faces that have been around for generations. Included in this bundle are Victoria 6, Aiko 6, Stephanie 6, and The Girl 6, as well as an optimized version of the Genesis 2 Base Female. All shapes include separate head and body morphs, as well as a control dial to apply the entire character at once. Presets to apply/remove each head and body are also included.
The shapes have been lovingly recreated from Genesis 2, perfected in ZBrush to get the closest match to the original as possible. A less dense mesh in Genesis 3 means some detail gets lost in a simple morph transfer, as well as distortion in areas such as the mouth and eyes. Each Legacy Shape has been meticulously modified to look as beautiful as her Genesis 2 version.
Body morphs were created in the same base pose as Genesis 3 Female, which means less tweaking when using pose sets. Careful attention to placement of the face bones in Genesis 3 means you get the same great facial expressions you come to expect from Genesis 3.
Genesis 2 Legacies can be dialed in fully, just a little, or mixed and matched with each other and your other Genesis 3 Females to produce unique looks. Or they can be used as a base for transferring your own morphs to Genesis 3.

This product does not include UV information or the ability to use Genesis 2 textures, nor does it automatically make Genesis 2 morphs work on Genesis 3. Only the head and body morphs mentioned above are included.



Compatible Figures
Genesis 3 Female, Genesis 2 Female, Victoria 4

Compatible 3D Software
DAZ Studio 4.8

  • Genesis 2 Legacies for Genesis 3 Females: Classics (.DUF)
    • Bodies:
      • Aiko Body On/Off
      • Base Body On/Off
      • Girl Body On/Off
      • Stephanie Body On/Off
      • Victoria Body On/Off
    • Heads:
      • Aiko Head On/Off
      • Base Head On/Off
      • Girl Head On/Off
      • Stephanie Head On/Off
      • Victoria Head On/Off

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