DAZ 3D - The Base Camp Part 2

This pack lets you build as many military base as you need! Each part includes a fully-built base camp of grouped items which you can ungroup and save separately as you like. Take the individual objects and create your own base.
The Base Camp part 2 includes housing 1, housing 2, housing 3, Hangar, Guard Post, water tower, modular fences (left, right and corner), 7 various Lands, power pole, Clothesline, Trash Can.
Plenty of detail lets you take advantage of a multitude of locations for your camera! This base camp is ideal for military and scientific scenes both old and contemporary. Compatible with "The Base Camp part 1".

All of the base camp (part 1 and Part 2) includes many polygons, so may tax lower spec systems.

The Base Camp is inspired by Los Alamos and The Manhattan Project who was a research and development project that produced the first atomic bombs during World War II. Los Alamos, New Mexico, was the site of Project Y, or the top-secret atomic weapons laboratory directed by J. Robert Oppenheimer. The site was so secret that one mailbox, PO Box 1663, served as the mailing address for the entire town. The mountains allowed the scientists ample opportunity to relax, by skiing, swimming, and hiking. But they spent most of their time in laboratories, overcoming challenge after challenge to develop the Littly Boy (gun-type) and Fat Man (implosion) atomic bombs. Initially Los Alamos was to have been a military laboratory with Oppenheimer and other researchers commissioned into the Army. Oppenheimer went so far as to order himself a lieutenant colonel's uniform, but two key physicists, Robert Bacher and Isidor Rabi, balked at the idea. Conant, Groves and Oppenheimer then devised a compromise whereby the laboratory was operated by the University of California under contract to the War Department.


Compatible 3D Software
DAZ Studio 4.6

  • The Base Camp Part 2: (.DUF)
    • Guard Post
    • 3 House Options
    • Clothesline
    • Hanger
    • Trash Cans
    • Water Tower
    • 3 Power Pole Options
    • Landscape
  • Material Options:
    • 6 Housing
    • 7 Landscape
  • Textures Include:
    • 102 Texture Normal and Transparency and Maps (512 x 512 to 4096 x 4096)
  • DAZ Studio Material Presets (.DUF)

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