DAZ 3D - Amazing Skins For Genesis 2 Male(s)

Amazing skins is a totally new material for rendering skin in a flexible and realistic way, which development was focused on reaching the best compromise between the professional methods and the render time. This material includes exclusive color tools to reach and master all the tones and colors of skins using Hue, Saturation and Value dials, with many presets for the skins of Gianni 6, Lee 6, Michael 6, Teen Jayden 6 and their HD versions. This is also a complete tool for fast scene set-up including a floor and background prop, a basic underwear, poses, high quality light sets, and even full scenes sets to load. You will discover a new pleasure to render.


All the material parts, not only the skin, rely on new shaders including these colorimetric tools, and for each of them you can find an individual shader swapper, in order to "swap" only the material type you want.
You need to apply it on another character? No problem, the main shader swapper included allows to apply the new material on any of the Genesis 2 Male(s) you own, preserving both its original maps and UV sets.
Have you ever dreamt to be able to define the tones of the skins of any Genesis 2 figure, and to load presets of skin tones with a simple double click?
Have you ever dreamt to be able to change the hue, saturation, and value of the skin, meaning that you can render from black and white to deep green people, and all other colours too?
Have you ever dreamt to play with a Skin Randomiser and have the surprise of unexpected, crazy and beautiful results?
Have you ever dreamt to be able to load instantaneously sub-presets of diffuse skin tones, SSS skin tones and influence, skin gloss size and intensity of this gloss?
Have you ever dreamt to have several and various full skins types directly loadable on most main Genesis 2 figures?
Have you ever dreamt to render characters faster than with the initial default skin, up to 3 times or more on HD figures?
Have you ever dreamt to have all this in one single product, which also includes high quality lights sets of various types, an outfit and poses, a floor and background prop?
Have you ever dreamt to have ready to render scene subset, for each main Genesis 2 Figure, including a camera, high quality lights, a posed and dressed character ?
Have you ever dreamt to be able to apply this new material on any surface you own, even not skins?
Well now, this is no longer a dream. This is Amazing Skins!

Compatible 3D Figures
Michael 6, Michael 6 HD, Gianni 6, Giani 6 HD, Lee 6, Lee 6 HD, Teen Jayden 6, Genesis 2 Male

Compatible 3D Software
DAZ Studio 4.6

  • Amazing Skins For Genesis 2 Male(s) Outfit: (.DUF)
    • Amazing Pant
  • Poses:(.DUF)
    • 1 Gianni 6 Pose
    • 1 Teen Jayden 6 Pose
    • 2 Lee 6 Poses
    • 1 Michael 6 Pose
  • Props:(.DUF)
    • Floor and Backdrop
  • Light Presets:(.DUF)
    • 3 Area Lights Based
    • 2 Infinite And Uber Ambient Based
    • 1 Infinite And Uber Occlusion Based
    • 1 Area And Uber Occlusion Based
  • 7 Scenes: (.DUF)
    • Gianni 6
    • Giani 6 HD
    • Teen Jayden 6
    • Lee 6
    • Lee 6 HD
    • Michael 6
    • Michael 6 HD
  • 10 Shader Swappers:
    • Cornea
    • Eyelash
    • Eye Reflection
    • Iris
    • Lacrimals
    • Pupils
    • Sclera
    • Skin Parts
    • Tear
    • Teeth
  • Material Options:
    • Amazing Skin Applier
    • 17 Base Diffuse Color Options:
      • 10 Human Skin Tint Variations
      • 3 Almost Human Skin Tint Variations
      • 4 Fantasy Skin Tones
    • 28 Main SSS Options:
      • 7 Scatter Tints Variations
      • 7 Sheen Tints Variations
      • 4 Scatter Strengths
      • 4 Sheen Sizes
      • 6 Main SSS Contributions Strengths
    • 18 Deep SSS Options:
      • 7 Scatter Tints Variations
      • 5 Scatter Strengths
      • 6 Deep SSS Contributions Strengths
    • 11 Gloss Options
      • 1 Gloss Resetter
      • 3 Gloss Sizes
      • 6 Gloss Strengths
    • 3 Eyelash Offset Tools
    • 16 Eyes Tools
      • 1 Resetter
      • 2 Ray tracing options
      • All Specular Off
      • 3 Specular Size
      • 4 Cornea Specular Strength
    • 12 Mouth and Teeth Tools:
      • 3 Strengths for Main SSS
      • 3 Strengths for Deep SSS
      • 3 Strengths for Teeth SSS
      • 3 Whiteness Levels for Teeth
    • 7 Nails Tools:
      • 2 Displacement options
      • 2 Specular Shapes options
      • 3 Specular Strengths options
    • Full Material Presets:
      • 08 For Gianni 6
      • 14 For Lee 6
      • 07 For Michael 6 HD
      • 12 For Michael 6
      • 07 For Teen Jayden 6
  • 2 Skin Randomisers: (.DSA)
    • 1 Randomising Hues of Diffuse and SSS
    • 1 Randomising Diffuse Value And Final Hue And Saturation
  • DAZ Studio Shader Presets (.DUF)
  • DAZ Studio Material Presets (.DSA and .DUF)

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